• July 24, 2024

The unique approach of Magic Beans lies in their personalized therapy plans. They understand that every child is unique, and therefore, they tailor their therapy plans to meet the individual needs of each child. As a highly regarded speech therapy center in Singapore, dedicated to improving children’s communication and feeding skills, their team of expert speech therapists is committed to addressing a wide range of speech-related issues, including articulation, language development, stuttering, and social skills.

Best Speech Therapists in Singapore

Their therapists use a variety of evidence-based methods such as Hanen It Takes Two To Talk, Visualising and Verbalising, DIR Floortime, PROMPT, TalkTools program, and Social Thinking. This ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to each child’s therapy.

The therapists at Magic Beans have extensive experience working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delays (GDD), Down’s Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. Many of their therapists have over a decade of service, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their practice. 

Magic Beans
Magic Beans

In addition to speech therapy, the center is also recognized for its expertise in feeding and swallowing difficulties. If a child is a fussy eater, has problems with bottling or feeding, or suffers from dysphagia, their therapists are trained to handle these issues with care and professionalism.

The therapists at Magic Beans specialize in different domains and age groups. Whether a child is a late talker, has dyspraxia, stuttering, or voice issues, their professional therapists can help. They are passionate about their profession and committed to providing the best care for each client. This ensures that every child receives the most appropriate and effective speech and feeding therapy. With their commitment to individualized care and extensive experience, Magic Beans is an ideal place for a child’s speech and feeding development journey.

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