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If you’re on the lookout for the best termite control  in Singapore, look no further. Our city-state is home to a range of exceptional pest  control and management specialists dedicated to safeguarding your property from these pesky invaders.

When it comes to termite control, it’s crucial to choose a company that offers top-notch services and delivers effective results. Our featured termite control companies have built a stellar reputation for their expertise, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. They employ highly trained technicians equipped with the latest technology and proven methods to eliminate termites and prevent further infestations.

Don’t let termites compromise the safety and value of your property. With the best termite control companies in Singapore, you can bid farewell to these unwelcome guests and regain peace of mind. 

Discover The Best Termite Control in Singapore

1. Ironman Pest Control

Ironman Pest Control

Ironman Pest Control is no stranger to stubborn termite infestations. In fact, they’re a leading name in the industry, with a team of highly trained, licensed, and respected professionals. They employ scientifically-backed methods to deliver top-notch termite elimination services that cater to various industries and sectors. Ironman is a top contender for the best termite control in Singapore, and for good reason. 

They offer an unbeatable deal of unlimited revisits within the warranty period, a testament to their unwavering commitment to ensuring your property is termite-free. Their team of experts is renowned for their ability to tackle even the most challenging termite cases, often resolving the issue on their first attempt.

But that’s not all. Ironman Pest Control goes above and beyond to ensure your termite problem is a thing of the past. They provide a thorough inspection, locating the root cause and source of those pesky termites. They even utilize a special termiticide solution in the soil, a clever tactic to outsmart those crafty termites and ensure a complete and permanent eradication. 

To top it all off, they provide a 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re not just getting a quick fix, but a comprehensive, long-term solution. With Ironman Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in the hands of the best termite control in Singapore. 

ADDRESS6001, #02-27 Beach Rd, GOLDEN MILE TOWER, 199589
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mondays to Saturday 8 am – 8 pm.
Sundays and public holidays by appointment only

2. Killem Pest

Killem Pest is renowned for their exceptional services and unmatched expertise. They have not only earned accolades locally but has also gained international recognition. With a track record of excellence, this award-winning company has consistently proven that they are the best in the business.

Killem Pest boasts an impressive client portfolio, catering to some of Singapore’s most prominent institutions. Their expertise has been sought after by prestigious organizations such as the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Nanyang Technological University, among others. This demonstrates their ability to handle large-scale projects and deliver impeccable results.

Residential and commercial properties alike benefit from Killem Pest’s specialized services.  They are the go-to choice for those seeking effective, reliable, and professional termite control services.

ADDRESS48 Toh Guan Road East, #04-99 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays, 8am–6pm Saturday, 8am–1pm

3. Ninja Pest Control

Welcome to Ninja Pest Control, where clients can experience Singapore’s premier termite control solution. With a team of highly skilled professionals, Ninja Pest Control is dedicated to protecting properties from the destructive nature of termites.

Utilizing advanced techniques and expertise, their diligent team ensures that no hidden termite colony goes undetected during their thorough inspections. By developing customized treatment plans tailored to each property’s unique needs, Ninja Pest Control effectively eliminates termites using eco-friendly solutions. 

Additionally, they offer long-term protection measures to prevent future infestations. Renowned for their unmatched expertise, reliability, and commitment to eco-friendly practices, Ninja Pest Control stands out in the industry. Clients can easily request a free consultation through their website.

ADDRESS18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609966
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9342 7270
OPERATING HOURSMon-Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

4. EndTimesPest Management

With EndTimesPest Management, your house will become a pest-free paradise.Their team of skilled and friendly technicians is here to save the day and ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is free from those creepy crawlies. They’re experts in their field, guaranteeing high-quality services that will make pests flee in fear.

What’s even better is that their products are family-friendly, so you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are safe. No need to worry about any health risks, as their insecticides are specifically designed to target only the pests, not your precious furniture or home appliances.

EndTimesPest Management knows that urgency is key when it comes to pest problems. That’s why they provide a faster response time in those urgent situations. 

ADDRESS10 Anson Road # 10-11 International Plaza. Singapore 079903
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9190 8037 / +65 6996 3358 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSee Contact Details

5. Termite Specialist

At Termite Specialist, their primary goal is to ensure that homes and properties in Singapore are safeguarded against the destructive nature of termites. Unlike other companies that offer a wide range of pest control services, Termite Specialist concentrates solely on termite control. This singular focus allows them to specialize in the most effective methods and techniques specifically tailored to combat termite infestations.

One of the key reasons why Termite Specialist has earned its reputation as a leader in the industry is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Termite Specialist also takes great pride in their dedicated termite control and prevention programme. They understand that prevention is key to avoiding costly damage caused by termites. Their comprehensive programme includes proactive measures such as regular inspections and the implementation of preventative treatments. By staying one step ahead of termites, Termite Specialist helps their customers maintain a termite-free environment and protect their investments.

ADDRESS61 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-04, Heng Loong Building Singapore (658078)
CONTACT DETAILS+65 69103776 (Office) | [email protected] | 8754-7562 (Whatsapp)
OPERATING HOURS09:00 AM – 22.00 PM Monday – Sunday

6. Rentokil

With Rentokil’s online services and their commitment to delivering top-notch pest control solutions, you can focus on what matters most – the success of your home or business. Experience the convenience of digital reporting and eBilling, and enjoy a pest-free environment with Rentokil’s reliable services.

One of the key advantages of choosing Rentokil is their commitment to leveraging technology for the convenience of their customers. Through their online services, they have revolutionized the way pest control is managed. With digital reporting and eBilling, Rentokil allows you to monitor the progress of their operations and conveniently manage your payments from anywhere at any time.

Rentokil understands that pest control is not limited to residential areas alone. They also cater to businesses of all sizes, offering their expertise to commercial and industrial establishments.

Their team of trained professionals is equipped with the latest tools and techniques, ensuring effective pest management while minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

ADDRESS16, 18 Jln Mesin, Singapore 368815
+65 6347 8138

7. The Pestman

When it comes to termite control for industrial properties in Singapore, The Pestman is the leading choice. Their customised treatment plans, environmentally-friendly practices, and reasonable prices set them apart from the competition. 

They tailor their approach to the specific needs of your establishment so they can provide targeted and efficient termite control solutions.

The Pestman takes pride in their commitment to environmentally-friendly pest control methods. They recognize the importance of safeguarding the environment while effectively eliminating termite colonies. With their eco-conscious practices, you can rest assured that the treatments they employ are safe for the environment, your employees, and your industrial operations.

ADDRESSBlock 37 Defu Lane 10, #02-61 Singapore 539214
6293 4889
OPERATING HOURSSee Contact Details

8. Proserv Pest

Proserv Pest, founded in 2008, has been a leading player in the industry for over a decade. With a team of more than 30 certified professionals.

Thoroughness is a hallmark of Proserv Pest’s approach. They understand that eliminating pests requires more than just a quick fix. Their professionals take the time to assess the situation, identify the root causes of infestation, and employ effective pest control methods to ensure that no pest is left alive once their services are completed. 

Another significant advantage of choosing Proserv Pest is their strong commitment to environmental consciousness. They prioritize the use of products that are not harmful to the ecosystem, minimizing the hazards associated with traditional pest control methods. 

Proserv Pest’s NEA certification is a testament to their expertise and adherence to industry standards. 

ADDRESS1 Bukit Batok Crescent #07-30 Wcega Plaza S(658064)
CONTACT DETAILS(65) 6746 2278 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSee Contact Details

9. Origin Exterminators

Origin Exterminators specializes in eliminating a wide range of pests, including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and many others. They have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with various pest species, ensuring that your workspace remains pest-free.

One of their standout features  is their commitment to using environment-friendly treatments. They understand the importance of maintaining a safe and sustainable environment while effectively managing pest infestations. 

When it comes to commercial areas, Origin Exterminators caters to a diverse range of businesses. Whether you have an office, factory, pharmaceutical facility, school, hospital, retail location, or any other type of real estate, they have the expertise to address your specific pest control needs.

No matter the size or complexity of the commercial space, Origin Exterminators offers tailored solutions to suit your requirements.

ADDRESS39 Jalan Pemimpin #01-01, Tailee Industrial Building Singapore 577182
(65) 6280 5666
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays, 8am–6pm Saturday, 8am–6pm

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