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There are several things to think about while choosing the best recruitment firm. Industry Specialty, Reputation, Recruiting Process, Candidate Quality, Communication, Cost, Contract Terms, and Technology and Tools are a few key considerations. Here are the best recruitment agencies in Singapore to assist you in locating the ideal people for your company by taking these aspects into account.

These are only a few of the numerous recruitment firms that are accessible in Singapore. To locate the agency that best meets your demands, it is crucial to conduct research and compare several providers. Here are our top suggestions for you to think about.

1. Trust Recruit PTE LTD

A well-known recruitment company with a focus on Technology and engineering is called Trust Recruit, and it is situated in Singapore. They offer services to clients ranging from multinational organisations to the public sector and small and medium-sized businesses, and they have more than 20 years of combined experience in the subject. Also, their clientele of IT professionals and tech/engineering expertise has grown dramatically as a result of the explosion in data collecting and networking.

Additionally, they connect people in the industries of manufacturing, construction, shipping, trading, banking, and telecommunication for a sizable number of clients.

They strive to consistently deliver top-notch recruitment solutions in order to become the leading recruitment firm in Singapore. They provide a diverse range of services, such as contract placement for temporary staffing and permanent placement, where they guarantee long-term applicants.

We heartily endorse Trust Recruit for their superior assistance in locating and managing talent. They also feature affordable prices, glowing customer ratings, and qualified representatives who counsel their clients.

ADDRESS20 Anson Road, #12-03 Twenty Anson, Singapore 079912
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(65) 6228 4228
OPERATING HOURSContact details

2. Adecco Singapore

The top expert in HR solutions worldwide is Adecco Singapore. with more than 5,100 locations and more than 33,000 dedicated full-time staff members worldwide. They are all here to assist you in making excellent hiring decisions and locating fantastic employment.

Around 1,400 people are successfully assisted in Singapore each year into exciting new careers. Also, they have 500 or so on-hire colleagues using their expertise at any given moment. Really impressive, yah?

But they haven’t let us get carried away with world dominance. Their Singapore team is intimately familiar with the local scene; they know the people and the market. And they enjoy keeping themselves occupied by matching people with jobs and jobs with people.

So, what does this all mean for you? Simply put, they can assist you. They collaborate with a wide range of local and international businesses, giving you access to a wide range of interesting job opportunities. So, if you’re looking for work, they’ve got you covered. And if all you want is career advice, they have plenty of that as well. They have a unique opportunity for you.

ADDRESS1 Scotts Road #18-08 Shaw Centre Singapore 228208
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(65) 6835 3400
OPERATING HOURSContact details

3. Randstad Singapore

The way we live, work, and interact with one another is rapidly changing in the post-digital era, which is characterised by constant technological advancement. Our lives now include technology on a daily basis; it serves as the unseen power source for our surroundings. Customers in a 24-hour economy have various needs.

Their methods of operation are evolving, which has an impact on the abilities and skills they require. The way people connect to jobs and the role we play in this industry are being drastically altered by new, digital HR solutions and tools, which are disrupting our market. The expectation of clients and candidates to receive service anywhere, anytime, and through any device has changed the way we conduct business.

In order to advance in the tech industry, Randstad is heavily investing in new technologies. Through acquisitions and the Randstad Innovation Fund, we are acquiring outside knowledge and expertise while also innovating through our Digital Factory. It will allow us to define our new position and maintain our leadership in a sector that is increasingly digitised and data-driven.

Real connections can’t be made by data and algorithms alone; they need human interaction, as we know from our history. Empathy. Intuition. Instinct. From the beginning, Randstad has been characterised by these human characteristics. They convey the core principles of Randstad, which are to know, serve, and trust, strive for excellence, and simultaneously advance the interests of all parties. Knowing more will enable us to provide our clients and candidates with better service while delighting them by building relationships based on trust.

This trust is strengthened by our constant pursuit of excellence while advancing the needs of all of our stakeholders and society at large. Following these guiding principles has given us a deep understanding of clients and candidates that spans more than 55 years. We assist candidates in realising their full potential and help employers maintain their success thanks to our in-depth understanding of the workplace. People are always at the centre of our process thanks to our values.

However, we also acknowledge that these efficiencies are merely a means to an end. A way to enable our employees to concentrate on our most valuable resource—the interpersonal connection is enhancing the human experience in HR:

  • one that enables us to pose the appropriate queries
  • to explore topics that go beyond a resume or job posting
  • to comprehend a company’s core values
  • to advance our candidates and clients.

The core of our Tech & Touch strategy is this, by empowering our people to alter the way we think and work, technology is enabling our touch. It is known as human forward.

ADDRESS1 Raffles Place #37-61 Singapore 048616
CONTACT DETAILS(65) 6510 1350
OPERATING HOURSContact details

4. PersolKelly Singapore

One of the biggest recruitment firms in Asia Pacific, PERSOLKELLY offers clients complete end-to-end workforce solutions. The business, which has its headquarters in Singapore, was founded in 2016 as a partnership between Kelly Services, Inc. and subsidiaries of PERSOL HOLDINGS Co. Ltd. In 13 markets today, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, PERSOLKELLY runs more than 45 offices.

The workplace undergoes frequent and rapid change. Your business needs to be ready in approach and mindset if it wants to succeed and stay one step ahead. At PERSOLKELLY, you benefit from the power and assistance of a company that has been successfully providing our partners in 13 markets throughout Asia Pacific with superior results and seamless experiences for decades.

They have a competitive advantage in bringing about business change and enabling your organisation to meet upcoming HR challenges thanks to their in-depth market knowledge and industry expertise, honed over four decades of operations in Singapore. To meet your HR needs, they combine their expertise with genuinely human insights to deliver strategic solutions. Their team will work with you to improve your HR procedures so you can accomplish more with assurance.

ADDRESS36 Robinson Road, #20-01 City House, Singapore 068877
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(65) 6709 3388
OPERATING HOURSContact details

5. Robert Walters Singapore

The Group established its first office in central London in 1985, marking the start of the business’s history. Since then, they have grown into a global company that now operates in a variety of global markets. Businesses all over the world have trusted them for more than 37 years to find the best specialised professionals, and they are entrusted with building the careers of the top executives in the world, job after job.

They take great pride in their success story, which was made possible by the tenacity and dedication of their people. They carry out their operations with the same dedication to customer service and product quality as their company grows. The emphasis is on advising and consulting with each candidate being treated as an individual. It implies that they always have the top candidates to offer their clients.

They have made it their mission to be the top specialist professional recruitment consultancy in the world since 1985. To do this, they had to set themselves apart from the competition both in terms of the calibre of the services they provide and in terms of a common goal: to enable individuals and organisations to realise their full potential. They continue to adhere to the fundamental values that have been the foundation of our success from the start. These guiding principles—teamwork, cooperation, honesty, passion, creativity, excellence, and inclusion—ensure that our consultants consistently prioritise the needs of job candidates and clients. Their shared mission, purpose, and guiding principles serve as the foundation for our global workplace culture. Additionally, they keep solidifying their position as the recruiter of choice, respected by the top businesses and experts in the world.

ADDRESS6 Battery Road #09-01 Floor Singapore 049909
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact details

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