• May 28, 2024

Navigating the twists and turns of life can sometimes leave us feeling lost and confused, whether it’s in relationships or career choices. That’s where the best life coach in Singapore comes in handy, providing the guidance needed to untangle life’s complexities and find clarity.

Enlisting the expertise of the best life coaches in Singapore offers a multitude of benefits, from setting achievable goals to identifying strengths and weaknesses. To simplify your search, we’ve curated a list of top-tier life coaches in the city, ensuring you find the perfect fit to kickstart your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Navigating Life's Maze, Meet Singapore's Best Life Coaches

1. Ruchi Parekh

Coach Ruch

Meet Ruchi Parekh, a top-notch Professional Certified Coach certified by the International Coach Federation. Her areas of expertise? Executive, Life, and Career coaching. Not only did Ruchi clinch the Emerging Executive Coach of the year 2022 Award, but she’s also hailed as one of Asia’s 50 Power Women by the Asian Money Guide.

Ruchi’s mission? Helping high-flyers build emotional resilience and a winning mindset. Whether you’re feeling stuck or lacking direction, Ruchi’s got your back. With her, you’ll transform from feeling lost to becoming a force to reckon with in your profession.

With years of experience under her belt and a background in law, Ruchi isn’t just any coach – she’s an NLP Practitioner and keynote speaker, she brings a unique blend of skills to the table. Her client roster reads like a who’s who of corporate giants, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

With glowing customer reviews to boot, she’s your go-to if you’re ready to level up in life and career.

ADDRESS28 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228223
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

2. Ralitza Peeva

In Singapore, Ralitza Peeva shines not just as a top life coach but also as a renowned counselor. She’s your go-to person for managing stress, navigating relationships, handling depression, and fostering personal growth.

What sets Ralitza apart is her solid background, a PhD in Sociology and over a decade of coaching and counseling experience under her belt. With her, you’re in capable hands.

Offering a wide array of services and fair rates, Ralitza ensures quality assistance is accessible to all. Trustworthy, experienced, and affordable, Ralitza Peeva is here to guide you through life’s ups and downs.

CONTACT DETAILS+359 898 589 075 | [email protected]

3. Positive Life Asia

At Positive Life Asia, finding the best life coach in Singapore is a breeze. Comprising three dedicated professionals, this coaching hub offers personalized sessions to help clients thrive in both personal and professional spheres.

Before diving into sessions, clients are offered a complimentary 15-minute discovery session. Here, they and their coach pinpoint areas needing attention. From there, clients can select from an array of coaching classes, covering everything from one-on-one coaching to fitness, career guidance, nutrition plans, and even dance or yoga therapy.

At Positive Life Asia, clients not only choose their preferred coaching type but also tailor their schedules to suit their busy lifestyles. With a diverse range of classes and accomplished coaches, 

CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

4. Lifework Global

Lifework Global, a pioneering organization in the realm of life coaching, is spearheaded by Sam, a fervent professional with a deep-seated commitment to empowering women. Sam’s mission is to aid women in cultivating their inspiration and pursuing a path that leads to personal fulfillment. 

With her guidance, women are encouraged to foster their passions and self-love, tackling obstacles with resilience and determination. Sam’s approach is rooted in the belief that every woman has the potential to flourish, and she is dedicated to providing them with the necessary tools to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

One of Sam’s key areas of expertise lies in guiding women through life’s transitions. With a wealth of personal and professional experience, she is adept at helping women navigate the complexities of different life stages. Sam’s empathetic and empowering coaching style ensures that women approach these changes with clarity and positivity, transforming potential challenges into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. 

The ultimate goal of Lifework Global is to equip women with the skills and mindset to make a significant difference in their lives, embracing change as an integral part of their journey.

Among the services offered by Lifework Global are transition coaching and life coaching, both designed to empower women to take control of their lives and thrive in the face of adversity.

ADDRESS331 North Bridge Road, Level 22, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9663 3051/[email protected]

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