• July 24, 2024

In Singapore’s fast-paced environment, balancing work and household chores can be challenging. With long work hours leaving little energy for cleaning, many residents opt for part-time or regular house cleaning services or housekeeping to reclaim their time and vitality. For those seeking the best house cleaning services in Singapore, outsourcing these tasks to trusted professionals is the key to maintaining a spotless home while focusing on what matters most.

Our team has curated a list of the top 10 trusted cleaning companies in Singapore. These companies offer peace of mind and a spotless home for busy individuals, enabling them to focus on what matters most.

Best House Cleaning Solutions in Busy Singapore

1. DomesticOne


Where cleanliness meets convenience, and every home radiates with distinction. Acknowledges as one of the best house cleaning company in Singapore, Elevate your living space with DomesticONE

For DomesticONE cleanliness is an art and customer delight reigns supreme. With a team of skilled professionals dedicated to crafting pristine spaces, every home becomes a sanctuary of serenity. Offering a diverse array of options from home and office cleaning to moving and renovation cleaning, they cater to every need. Clients have the freedom to shape their cleaning schedules and scope of work.

At DomesticONE, peace of mind is paramount. Cleanliness is not just affordable but an investment in tranquility. Visit their website today to embark on a journey to a cleaner, happier home!

ADDRESS50 Tagore Lane, #05-04
Singapore, 787494.
CONTACT DETAILS63881329/[email protected]
9 am–9 pm

2. Whissh

Whissh stands out as the go-to facility management company, earning trust with top-notch services. From their friendly customer service to their diligent crew and innovative quality tracking, they’ve garnered praise from Singaporeans and expats alike in both Singapore and the UK.

Adding more value is Whissh’s forte. Teaming up with sister companies, they offer comprehensive one-stop solutions, spanning housekeeping, cleaning, aircon maintenance, disinfection, laundry, and more.

And get this, they’re all about being eco-friendly too. They’ve hooked up with partners in Europe and the US to bring in these green cleaning solutions that even fancy hotels are jumping on board with. Certified and safe for  for kids and pets the environment.

ADDRESS9 Tai Seng Link, #08-00, Lee King Hwa Building, Singapore 534053
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6221 8626, [email protected]

3. SGCleanXpert

SGCleanXpert has one of the biggest menus in the game, covering everything from commercial to residential needs, even offering janitorial services for office buildings. They’re known for their superb house cleaning services.

SGCleanXpert’s commercial cleaning services? They’ve got you covered from canteens to factories. Plus, they’ve worked with some big names in the past, including restaurants, event venues, and boutiques.

They’re upfront about pricing too. Whether you’re in an HDB flat or a condo, they’ve got standard packages tailored to your needs. Just note, if you’re booking on a Sunday or a public holiday, expect slightly higher rates. But hey, quality like theirs? Totally worth it.

ADDRESS7500A Beach Road, The Plaza #05-319, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8417 1368
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM
Sunday: By appointment

4. Home Cleaning SG

Wave goodbye to dust bunnies and grime. Home Cleaning SG,  known and recognized as one of the best house cleaning services in Singapore. Their cleaners aren’t just your average Joe – they’re seasoned pros, trained up and ready to tackle any mess. 

Armed with mops and a mission to make your home sparkle. With a crew of trained pros who are as trustworthy as they come, you can relax knowing your space is in good hands. With insurance coverage, your precious stuff is in safe hands.

What’s the scoop on Home Cleaning SG? Their pricing is upfront and honest, so you won’t be left scratching your head over hidden costs. And when it comes to getting the job done, they’re quick, efficient, and totally reliable.

Booking with Home Cleaning SG is a breeze. Just hit up their website, pick your preferred date and time, and voila! Before you know it, a cleaner will be knocking on your door, armed with sponges and smiles, ready to make your home shine like never before.

ADDRESS10 Anson Road international plaza #10-11, Singapore 079903
CONTACT DETAILS+65 3165 0568, admin@homecleaningsg

5. Helperoo

If you’re looking to keep your home sparkling without breaking the bank then Helperoo, is your  go-to domestic cleaning service in Singapore. With options for both one-off and recurring sessions at a very reasonable rate they’re a no-brainer choice for anyone looking to maintain a tidy abode.

While it’d be sweet to snag a discount now and then, Helperoo’s already budget-friendly rates are hard to beat. With their move-in/move-out cleaning package, including all the necessary gear, they’ve got you covered for those deeper cleans too.

Sure, you’ll need to supply your own cleaning supplies for one-off and weekly sessions, but with Helperoo’s comprehensive cleaning scope, covering everything from floors to dishes, you’ll still get that squeaky-clean finish you crave. 

ADDRESS16 Boon Lay Way Tradehub 21 #01-55
Singapore 609965
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
Whatsapp: +65 8407 8407

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