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Unveiling Premier Destinations for Exquisite and Best Engagement Rings in Singapore. When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, Singapore offers a treasure trove of options for couples seeking a symbol of eternal love. With its diverse range of jewelry boutiques and renowned craftsmanship,couples have a vast option for the best engagement rings in Singapore. 

At the heart of every remarkable and best engagement rings in Singapore  lies a mesmerizing diamond. Singapore jewelers offer an array of stunning diamonds, each with its unique characteristics and brilliance. Couples have the opportunity to select a diamond that embodies their love story. Whether it’s a dazzling round-cut diamond or a unique princess-cut stone, the options are truly limitless.

Say 'I do' with Singapore's most stunning engagement rings

1. Rachel P Jewels

Rachel P Jewels

Enter the enchanting realm of Bespoke Engagement Rings and Sapphire Proposal Rings ,  with Rachel P Jewels where dreams are crafted into exquisite reality since 1992. 

Rachel P Jewels, a haven of modern engagement designs that redefine the essence of love and companionship with unparalleled craftsmanship. Accredited by prestigious institutions like GIA, GRS, and AGS, each diamond and gemstone radiates authenticity, weaving tales of timeless beauty that captivate hearts.

Rachel P Jewels, born from the soul of a family-owned legacy, boasts over three decades of mastery in the art of fine jewelry. Specializing in 18K gold, Platinum & Palladium adorned with mesmerizing diamonds and gems, their creations are more than mere adornments, they’re reflections of cherished moments and enduring love stories. 

Where passion ignites creativity and dreams take shape in shimmering brilliance. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, their commitment to unparalleled quality and personalized service is unmatched. Each piece of jewels and engagement rings becomes a timeless symbol of your unique journey and everlasting memories.

ADDRESS304 orchard road, lucky plaza 03-51, Singapore 238863
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +65 6262 0428 Email Address: [email protected]

2. L’Excellence

Trusted over generations, L’Excellence is a family enterprise with 70 years of invaluable expertise in diamonds and precious gemstones. It is the only jewelry name with such a unique heritage, encompassing all aspects of a gemstone’s journey. 

Today, the family legacy continues to share its gemological expertise and to craft precious jewels in celebration for life’s milestones such as engagement rings, wedding bands, cufflinks, meaningful anniversary jewelry presents, and family heirlooms.

At L’Excellence, you’ll find fine quality diamonds and gemstones, each accompanied by GIA certification for authenticity. These precious stones are crafted into the best engagement rings you can find. Their artisans blend timeless design with impeccable skill, creating engagement rings of exceptional beauty and quality. 

ADDRESS50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, 30th Floor, #30-01, Singapore 048623
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6589 8738 Email Address: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 9:00AM – 7:30PM (By prior appointment only)

3. Tessellate.Co

Established in the mid-2014. The brand has gained popularity for its minimalist jewelry designs that highlight the natural beauty of gemstones. Drawing inspiration from the founder’s travel experiences, Tessellate.Co offers a wide range of exquisite and unique designs to cater to individual preferences.

What sets Tessellate.Co apart is its commitment to providing personalized and customizable accessories. Customers have the opportunity to bring their own designs to life, ensuring that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, Tessellate.Co offers free worldwide shipping, making their jewelry accessible to customers around the globe.

The brand takes pride in using the finest 925 Sterling Silver and Brass, making their jewelry suitable for sensitive skin. The durability of their pieces ensures that they can withstand the test of time.

Beyond offering fashionable and lasting jewelry, Tessellate.Co also has a charitable mission. For every item sold, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards sending underprivileged children to school. 

ADDRESS501 Orchard Road #02-14 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
CONTACT DETAILSEmail: [email protected] Phone: (+65) 8042 5031 WhatsApp: +65 8751 2335 Instagram: Direct Message @Tessellate.Co
OPERATING HOURSOpens daily from 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

4. Jumbo Gold & Diamonds

For those seeking the finest engagement rings in Singapore, Jumbo Gold & Diamonds is the ultimate destination. With their expertise, extensive inventory, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are the trusted choice for couples embarking on their journey of eternal love.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Jumbo Gold & Diamonds has established a solid reputation for their expertise and craftsmanship. They understand the importance of this special milestone in your life and are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

At Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, they utilize the latest diamond technology to create exquisite pieces. By modeling the light performance of their diamonds, they are able to produce the best diamond cuts, ensuring a stunning display of brilliance and sparkle. Their inventory boasts a wide range of GIA diamonds, sapphires, and, of course, engagement rings.

ADDRESS8 Eu Tong Sen Street #13-95, The Central, Office 1 S059818
CONTACT DETAILS65 9188 4320/ [email protected]

5. More Than Diamonds

Redefining Jewelry with Minimalist Custom Designs. More Than Diamonds goes beyond creating generic designs. Chris and Sara believe in the power of customization, allowing you to express your individuality through every piece. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings, they collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life while infusing their expertise in minimalist aesthetics.

Founded by partners Chris and Sara, this innovative brand offers custom-designed pieces that not only reflect your ideas but also incorporate their own minimalistic style, ensuring wearability and long-lasting design.

One of the standout features of More Than Diamonds is their ability to incorporate your existing diamonds and gemstones into their designs. If you have a sentimental stone from your mother or grandmother, they can transform it into a stunning, contemporary engagement ring or any other piece that suits your taste. This way, you not only get a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece but also carry forward a piece of your family’s legacy.

ADDRESS131 Tanglin Road, #02-16 Tudor Court, S247924
CONTACT DETAILSWhatsApp: 8181 3649 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSee Contact Details

6. Les Precieux

Les Precieux: Your Destination for Timeless Engagement and Wedding Rings. Les Precieux, a renowned jewellery shop in Singapore, has made a name for itself through its exquisite collections, earning accolades and media recognition. Specializing in classic vintage designs, Les Precieux offers engagement and wedding rings that are truly timeless, ensuring they remain in vogue for generations to come.

Choosing an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. Les Precieux understands this and provides a helpful guide for gentlemen who may need assistance in selecting the ideal ring for their beloved. 

Their classic vintage designs, extensive range of options, and helpful guidance make them the go-to choice for couples seeking rings that embody their love and commitment. With Les Precieux, you can create a lasting symbol of your journey together, one that will be cherished and passed down through generations.

ADDRESS360 Orchard Road, International Building #11-04, Singapore 238869
CONTACT DETAILSWhatsapp +65 9647 2673

7. Daughters Diamonds

Daughters Diamonds understands the significance of this pivotal moment in the lives of their clients. They pour their heart and soul into every ring they create, ensuring that it becomes a cherished symbol of love and commitment. 

With a diverse and extensive inventory of engagement rings, Daughters Diamonds provides an array of choices to suit every taste. There is a perfect ring waiting to embody the essence of each couple’s journey.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, Daughters Diamonds offers the option to customize engagement rings. Their team of skilled professionals takes great pleasure in working closely with clients, transforming their vision into a breathtaking reality. Each custom-made ring becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, capturing the essence of the couple’s unique love story.

They specialize in creating unique pieces that reflect the intricacies of each couple’s love, whether through the use of dazzling diamonds, mesmerizing sapphires, enchanting emeralds, or any other gemstone of choice.

ADDRESS03-44A The Paragon 290 Orchard Road, 238859
CONTACT DETAILS(+65) 6235 5705 (+65) 9171 4260 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSee Contact Details

8. Carrie K.

Carrie K. believes that every love story is exceptional and deserves a ring that captures its essence. With their unparalleled collection of one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding ring designs, comprehensive online resource center, and complimentary gemstone workshops, they are committed to creating a memorable and joyful journey for each customer.

To elevate the experience , Carrie K. offers complimentary gemstone workshops. These workshops, conducted either in person or over Zoom, provide a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

Attendees gain invaluable insights, tips, and tricks from jewelers, enabling them to make educated choices when selecting the perfect diamond or gemstone for their engagement or wedding ring.

ADDRESS111 Middle Rd, #02-02 National Design Centre, Singapore 188969
CONTACT DETAILS(+65) 9061 2880
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday, 11am to 7pm (By Appointment Only)

9. Michael Trio

Renowned for their unrivaled craftsmanship and exceptional designs, Michael Trio has become synonymous with exquisite jewelry pieces that leave a lasting impression. Their best-selling collections boast an array of dazzling diamonds and so much more.

At the heart of Michael Trio’s success lies their dedication to quality. Each diamond undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure it meets the highest standards of brilliance and clarity. Their skilled artisans bring these exquisite stones to life, meticulously crafting every piece with precision and attention to detail. The result is a jewelry collection that exudes unparalleled beauty and radiance.

Michael Trio takes personalization to new heights. They understand that a ring is not just a symbol of commitment, but also a vessel for cherished memories. That’s why they offer the option to engrave a hidden message or symbol on the inner band of the ring.

Beyond their commitment to excellence, Michael Trio understands the significance of affordability. They believe that every love story deserves to be celebrated with a remarkable piece of jewelry, regardless of budget constraints. 

ADDRESS91 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088512
CONTACT DETAILS+65 62990110 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 12pm - 8.30pm

10. Vault Fine Jewelry Pte Ltd

When it comes to finding the perfect gold ring adorned with breathtaking gemstones, look no further than Vault Fine Jewelry Pte Ltd. This hidden gem of a jewelry store boasts an extensive selection of luxurious rings that will leave you in awe. Discover Opulence and Elegance at Vault Fine Jewelry Pte Ltd.

From the vibrant blue hues of sapphires to the mesmerizing green allure of emeralds, their collection features a stunning array of gemstones including tourmaline, diamond, and more. No matter your preference, you’re sure to find the ring that captures your heart.

What truly makes Vault Fine Jewelry Pte Ltd stand out is their dedication to providing exceptional value for their customers. Despite the lavishness of their offerings, this boutique jewelry store believes that luxury should be accessible to all. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that their prices are remarkably affordable, making it possible to indulge in the ring of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Let the beauty of their gold rings with gigantic gemstones mesmerize you and become a cherished symbol of your love and devotion.

ADDRESS32 Zion Road, Singapore 247770
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6917 6590 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSee Contact Details

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